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Content Marketing: Increasing Website Visibility and Traffic

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  • July 19th, 2010 by Leslie Wiser

    Content Marketing: Increasing Website Visibility and Traffic

    Content Marketing is a concept that is going to become increasingly popular as the costs of PPC, SMM and SEM continue to rise. Search engines are now placing more value than ever on content that is topical, relevant and fresh and it appears that content – yet again – is truly set to become king.

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content Marketing consists of using targeted content to increase a website’s search engine visibility. This is achieved by providing more relevant, informational content to boost exposure and reach a larger audience, therefore attracting more traffic from general, but still topic-related, search engine queries.

    This may seem like a very simple and obvious concept, but the fact remains that many websites overlook the importance of content and opt either to buy their traffic with PPC, and other forms of paid advertising, or focus all their efforts on building backlinks to influence a top SERP position for their primary keywords.

    These tactics do work and can all play a important role on in driving traffic and conversions. However, what is often overlooked is the importance of providing relevant, quality content and ignoring this strategy can mean missing out on thousands of visitors and throwing away increased search engine exposure.

    Why Content Marketing will Turbo-Charge any Website

    No matter how comprehensive a website’s keyword research is, they will never truly understand the mindset of every potential visitor. Whilst SEO and SEM have swayed towards the use of a few primary keywords in recent years, content marketing prefers not to put all the eggs in one basket.

    Search engine users will choose the strangest terms and phrase combinations when trying to find what they need. Not everyone looking for a tree trimmer in Indianapolis will use that particular search query. Relying on a few keywords, and keyword phrases, and then basing the websites whole search engine strategy on these selective terms means neglecting the thousands of searchers that choose not to use them.

    Content marketing allows a website to have thousands of keywords and to allow for irregular search queries. A search engine highlights keywords within content that is relevant to a search query and the more informative, relevant content a website produces – the greater their chance of greater search engine exposure.

    By offering more informative, fresh content, containing topic-relevant keywords, a website will show up in more search results. Search engines now place greater importance on recent, quality content that enhances the search user’s enjoyment.

    Utilizing content marketing can improve a website’s quality score and may even lead to the site being seen as an authority – both of which will mean more search engine interest and better overall rankings.

    How to Utilize Content Marketing
    for Increased Visibility

    A website should never discount relevant keyword alternatives when performing any keyword research simply because they do not fit their idea of what a perfect keyword should be. These irrelevant and seemingly unpopular keywords, and keyword phrases, should be retained for use in content marketing strategy. There are two reasons for this:

    1. These terms may not be popular now, but they could be in a month’s time and by including them now a website gets a jump on its competitors.
    2. Each minor keyword phrase may only get a few hundred searches, but by targeting 100 of these keywords a website can increase its traffic exponentially.

    This is where content marketing really makes a difference. Not only will a website enjoy more search engine visibility, it will attract masses of traffic from search queries that would normally have been dismissed as irrelevant and ineffective.

    This keyword diversity allows any website a much greater analytical opportunity. With more keywords, any analytical program will clearly display the top search queries that visitors performed to reach the website. These will include queries that may have eluded the website if they neglected content marketing. Patterns, and new popular queries, may emerge and these can be factored into regular SEO and SEM strategies, leading to a healthy SERP position for these newly discovered search queries.

    Search engines look for new content and with Google Caffeine let loose, fresh content has never been so important. Search results now regularly feature the latest content within the top results and by simply having more content than the competition, and therefore more listed content on the search engine, a website will attract a greater percentage of the traffic.

    Keep it Relevant and Easy to Find

    It is important for a website to remain topical and offer content that relates to their product or brand. Content can be time consuming and creating content that is not relevant is a wasted effort and will attract non-targeted visitors that rarely convert.

    Adding a tag cloud, or tag tree, to a website is an easy method to organize data and instantly visualize what keywords a website has targeted with its content marketing strategy. This has the additional advantage of offering any visitor easy access to more of the site’s content.

    Content marketing is a strategy that is overlooked and underused. It is a free source of traffic and will greatly improve a website’s appearance in the eyes of the search engines. Offering quality content will not only improve visibility and traffic – it will provide an enhanced user experience that can lead to return visits, improved conversions and free word-of-mouth viral promotion.

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