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Twitter: How to Gain Targeted Followers

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  • June 24th, 2010 by Leslie Wiser

    Twitter: How to Gain Targeted Followers

    Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most used internet websites by people of all walks of life. Using Twitter to help market your business can be effective IF it is utilized properly. To do so, you want to get people to follow you that have a high potential of becoming your customer and then deliver targeted VALUABLE messages to them regularly.

    Too often, Twitter is treated like a popularity contest, with the focus on the number of followers. However, 100 people who are truly engaged and potentially lead generating can outweigh 1000’s of “spam” followers who will never contribute to your business goals and objectives.

    Below are some tips to help you develop a targeted following on your Twitter account.

    Create a compelling KEYWORD RICH bio-

    Your bio gives you a few sentences to tell potential followers a little about you and your business. Make sure to use keywords that people may be searching to locate things of interest to them. Also, make it INTERESTING…you only have a few words to grab their attention, make them count!

    Develop a quality background for your Twitter account-

    Make sure it includes reasons why people should follow you and your tweets as well as some interesting facts about your business. If you have a default background, many will pass you by. The same goes with your profile picture. A logo is OK, but a picture really helps others to see you as a real person.

    Create and post tweets that contain keywords your clients may be searching for-

    If you are Tweeting about selling real estate, many who collect coins may find you simply by entering REAL ESTATE in the search bar…that is of course as long as you are using popular keywords in your tweets. People search for topics everyday so try to tweet using keywords you think others will search for…chances are, they will find your tweets and click to follow you!

    There is a handy feature called FIND PEOPLE. This will allow you to enter names of people or businesses to see if they have a Twitter account. Your job now is to find businesses that are as close to yours as possible. Why, you ask? This brings us to our final tip:

    Follow your competition’s followers-

    That’s right, simply follow the followers of your competition. Chances are, if they are following your competition they might be interested in what you have to offer as well.

    Now that you know how to start gaining followers you should concentrate your efforts on creating and submitting quality tweets that your followers will be interested in. Gaining followers is one thing but keeping them interested is another. The higher the quality of your tweets, the more your followers are likely to stay around for more and retweet your tweets as well. This activity can lead to hits to your websites and potentially landing some new clients. Use Twitter wisely by following the tips above and you will be well on your way to building a targeted following and succeeding with Twitter.

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